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10 September 2023

Artificial intelligence is a scam to keep you away from Consciousness



I decided to write this story after reading this article about the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk announcing the start of research on artificial intelligence.

In reality, research into artificial intelligence began when the Czech writer Karel Čapek published the drama Rossum’s Universal Robots in 1920. Instead, according to the American scientist John McCarthy, artificial intelligence is “the science and development of intelligent machines”.

Let’s start from the fact that the expression “artificial intelligence” is an oxymoron, because Intelligence by definition and by the very nature of the Multiverse can NEVER be artificial because intelligence presupposes Consciousness and Consciousness presupposes a biological system. Consequently, a machine or software cannot have Consciousness nor can it be implanted in it, because machines are made of inert and non-biological material.

For this reason, this topic must be addressed with an approach that is exactly the opposite of that proposed by Elon Musk. Which means that to develop any technology that can be defined as relevant in terms of technological evolution it is necessary to start from conscious material or living biological material.

Conscious material is any living biological tissue which as such has a vibrational frequency that can be aligned with ours through resonance. Resonance allows you to increase the intensity of a specific signal, and also allows tuning to certain frequencies or functions. It is only when we resonate with the right frequency that we tune the radio and decipher the particular program we want to listen to, otherwise we are completely excluded from the information transmitted.
The technology of consciousness is based entirely on this: alignment of the vibrational frequency between two living and therefore conscious beings. Matter also has a frequency but it will never be as high as that of a living being.

The technology we are talking about cannot therefore be defined as “Artificial Intelligence” but rather as “technology of Consciousness” or “Conscious Technology”. This definition, however, has a transitory nature and will be used by us at least until we understand that Consciousness is the one and only technology that can be defined as such. But to get to this we will have to wait until our evolutionary process has progressed enough to be able to understand this assumption.
Therefore when we address the topic of intelligence “other” than human intelligence we must talk about Technology of Consciousness and not Artificial Intelligence which in practice means “anti-intelligence” therefore AI is a totally meaningless expression, although knowing the direction of circus in which we live I believe it was chosen precisely for its ironic streak.

On the contrary, in the narrative of the mainstream media the technological/futuristic scenario proposed always shows us robots and cyborgs that become immortal or machines that become human. School examples in this regard are films such as Blade Runner (1982), Terminator II (1991) and many others. This is the narrative that has been presented to us a million times from 1920 to the present day.
Let’s try to understand why.

I think it is useful to remember that the word robota in the Czech language but also in Russian means “work” and in fact when we talk about artificial intelligence we always talk about replacing human work with that of robots. This type of dystopian scenario has always been used to create a state of fear associated with technological progress. As if in the future cyborgs and machines will replace humans at work, thus generating the fear of man-versus-machine competition. All this means only one thing: Slavery. Yep, because if man’s reference model becomes the machine, which is more efficient, doesn’t go on holiday and doesn’t bother us, that’s where the techno-financial regime wants to take us.

The biped without Consciousness or with limited Consciousness will thus be tempted to imitate the machine because this is the model by which the regime wants us as human beings to be inspired: to become machines. The seed of this emulative psychological condition has already been sown in the flock of sheep of which our society is made up in the majority, because the race for the latest gadget, expertly instilled by advertising, has already managed to produce the pseudo-archetype of the technology enthusiast. technology. This is a Boeot who is ready to embrace any type of submission that bears the AI mark even if this meant continuous surveillance, loss of freedom and ultimately loss of his own Conscience.

Meanwhile, the mainstream narrative has prepared us for this scenario of the replacement of man with robots and the revolt of the machines, because this will have to be the context in which the Neanderthal will have to make the choice to embrace the new slavery, exchanging it for freedom, progress and evolution. In practice, technological evolution is always associated with the image of slavery. Which coincidentally is precisely the antithesis of Consciousness and its evolution whose essential prerequisite is freedom.

But why is technological evolution associated with the image of automated work and therefore with slavery? Because this is the basic scenario in which the human being will have to operate once the plan of total submission to the will of the god AI is completed.

The Neanderthal tech-enthusiast ignores that the only possible evolution passes through Consciousness because this individual has been conditioned to make evolution coincide with technological evolution but above all, another fundamental manipulative concept, the biped has been led to believe that it is the brain and only the brain is the physical place where intelligence resides, thus completely removing the concept of Consciousness. In reality no study in the world has so far managed to localize the area of the brain where consciousness is located, although the majority of the scientific community is convinced that consciousness is located in some region of our brain, the idea is gaining ground , as this article by the editorial staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests, that Consciousness actually has an autonomous location with respect to our brain and also our body.
The brain alone cannot do anything without Consciousness, because the brain is home to the neurological functions that coordinate responses to stimuli, therefore the brain can perform mechanical functions mediated by reasoning, such as driving a car or using a computer but what is missing to the brain is the primary inspiration, the initial breath, what Hindus call prana and Catholics call the Holy Spirit. Without this primary “drive” the brain is of little use. And this push, however, can only be received by Consciousness as a whole and not by a single organ such as the brain.

Therefore if we want to talk about true technological evolution we must address the topic of Consciousness which in the end we can use as a synonym for Intelligence and which still today constitutes a dark and unfathomable mystery for our official science. If you notice, the word “Consciousness” is never used or spoken in any media either on entertainment programs or in the news.

In fact, for official science the word “Consciousness” is considered a taboo. Despite the fact that in 1803 the English scientist Thomas Young  through the double-slit experiment demonstrated that light takes the form of a wave or a particle, depending on whether the observer is present or not.

In practice, Young’s experiment demonstrated that light can take the form of a wave and therefore energy or a particle and therefore matter, depending on whether the observer observes the behavior of the light or not.

This means that there is a direct connection between the human being or consciousness, if you prefer, and matter. This connection is not a passive connection but it is man who determines whether the surrounding reality exists in the form of energy or matter. This experiment forms the basis of quantum physics.

The implications of a quantum universe are simply revolutionary in scientific, philosophical and metaphysical terms, because this discovery places man at the center of what philosophy and science define as the Universe. In practice, if it is man who determines the form that reality takes, this attributes to man a capacity that we can define as divine, as it is man who constitutes the prime mover of creation.

If observation determines the form of matter and more generally we understand that it is Consciousness that creates what we define as reality, this also means that space and time are not pre-existing elements of consciousness but are themselves produced by consciousness. In practice, everything that we are used to conceiving and defining as “reality” is nothing more than the product of our thoughts.
The Double Slit experiment therefore unequivocally demonstrates the role of Consciousness not only as the source of creation but as the ontological foundation on which the entire Multiverse is based. Think of the reaction that Thomas Young had when he realized that the light behaved in one way rather than another depending on whether he was present or not at the experiment.

Young’s experiment, in addition to demonstrating the existence and role of Consciousness and quantum physics as the dynamics of the relationship between spirit and matter, has practically canceled the raison d’être of Aristotelian causal logic, replacing it with the symbolic dynamics of Synchronicity.

According to Carl Gustav Jung “the general concept of synchronicity is the temporal coincidence of two or more events without a causal link between them but with the same meaning.”
Therefore the connection between two events in quantum physics does not have a causal matrix but a symbolic one, which means that their relationship does not pertain to a mechanical principle or scope but the connection pertains to a relationship based on meaning, which therefore goes beyond the purely physical sphere and can therefore be defined as metaphysical.

Despite being a recently coined term, the Jungian concept of synchronicity has an origin traceable to the philosophical tradition of Neoplatonism. Plato already supported the existence of an intelligent reality, the ideas, which form and direct the material one, in such a way that the phenomena of nature are connected to each other by a superior law which he called dialectics.

The presence of the divine in the events of the world was subsequently understood by the Stoics as συν-παθεία (syn-pathèia), by virtue of which they believed that any event, even minimal or very distant, had repercussions on every other, in contrast to the mechanistic conception of the Epicureans.
Instead, it is with the Neoplatonists and in particular with Plotinus that the synchronic dynamics of natural phenomena is explained with the notion of Soul of the world.

The concept of World Soul represents the unifying principle of nature, regulated by intimate connections between its parts, like an organism from which individual living beings take shape; the latter, although each one is articulated and differentiated according to its own individual specificities, are nevertheless linked to each other by a common universal Soul.

According to Plotinus therefore:
«… those who believe that the manifested world is governed by luck or chance, and that it depends on material causes, are far from the divine and the notion of One.”
However, official science has always pretended that Young’s experiment and the resulting physical law did not exist, living in a state of denial of Consciousness, a denial that continues to this day, in an exponentially inexplicable way.

In fact, our official science is still stuck in the period preceding the law of wave-particle dualism and, despite this being a physical law, official physics continues to pretend that this law does not exist, stating in their own embarrassment that quantum mechanics is applicable only at the level of atoms and photons, while for classical physics quantum is inexplicable and therefore cannot be applied.

That is, in practice according to “science” quantum mechanics applies only to the microcosm and not to the macro. I’ll repeat it once again in case you haven’t understood: to this day, official science defines Quantum Physics as “inexplicable”.And this is not a phrase said at the bar, this is the official position of Earth science regarding Quantum Physics.

Official science persists in the Neanderthalian vision according to which the universe exists only as a physical and visible element, a manifestation of an objective reality, even if Quantum Physics has demonstrated the opposite, annihilating the very essence of the notion of physical object and very concept of matter which for quantum physics is just another form that energy takes.

Despite the mortal blow dealt to it by quantum science, official science still supports the idea of a physical and non-hologrammatic universe as it really is. That’s why ambiguous characters like Elon Musk can announce nonsense projects such as artificial intelligence or talk about cyborgs and other nonsense of this type, because they are still consistent with their denial of Consciousness.

The adherence of a character like Elon Musk to the obscurantist position of official physics can be understood from some delusional statements made by Musk, who on the strength of his “experience” with the space exploration company he owns, Space X, has repeatedly declared that “there are no other forms of life in the universe besides ours, because I would know it by now”.

Now I don’t think there is any more denial of Consciousness than this egoic-narcissistic declaration. And as someone said, presumption is just the other side of ignorance. Another parameter to verify the absence of conscience is the magnitude of a person’s ego, when there is an ego there is no conscience and vice versa. In Musk’s sentence the ego is clearly expressed in the final part of the sentence “I would know by now”.

This scenario of denial of Conscience does not surprise us but rather is perfectly consistent with the model of underdevelopment of the society in which we live which is based on the principle of the domination of a minority over the majority. The study of quantum physics would have devastating consequences for the current socio-economic structure of the world in which we live, the system would in fact have to recognize that the entire Multiverse is made up of points connected to each other, that all human beings are connected to each other and that even human beings, the planet we live on and all the galaxies are all connected by an invisible network. This vision has irrepressible and inevitable metaphysical implications such as, for example, that man possesses within himself a dimension that cannot fail to be considered divine because the fact of literally being the creator of the universe places him in a condition of absolute freedom.

Furthermore, a direct consequence of this vision is that there is no dimension “external” to man but it is the entire Multiverse that is contained within us starting from space and time. All this is not good at all for the regime we live in which is based on domination because according to these people we are no more or less than insects and we must be slaves to their materialistic vision of the world.
And it is for this reason that the system invented this genius of artificial intelligence, because this serves to prepare the ground for the slavery that they want to impose on us with the deadly embrace of their dystopian vision called Transhumanism, according to which the development of the human being will be conditioned by technological development. While in reality in nature and from what we have said so far the opposite is true.

In practice, according to this “philosophy” of artificial intelligence, human beings will have to integrate their body, in particular their brain, with technological devices that lead them to develop capabilities that they otherwise could not have.

This assumption starts from the denial of the role of Consciousness as the basis of the Multiverse but above all it starts from the denial of the Multidimensionality of our consciousness. We cannot go into this area now but it will be enough to consider the fact that our consciousness is multidimensional because consciousness is capable of experiencing and living in countless dimensions.

And the human being does not need any technological integration to evolve because he is already equipped with the most sophisticated technological equipment in existence: his own Consciousness.

In conclusion, this reflection only serves to remind the reader that the only possible evolution is the evolution of Consciousness and not technological evolution because without the former the latter cannot take place.

Although this is a scientifically proven reality, we live in an era in which many are enthusiastic about technology and these individuals are ready to welcome all the technological and slave initiatives that the techno-financial regime wants to make them swallow, because according to their conditioned minds, technology and evolution are the same thing. The system will take advantage of technology enthusiasts to impose continuous surveillance, both at home and outside the home, first taking away our freedom and ultimately also our soul.

Online teaching is the first step to impose surveillance and make it embraced as evolution. The technology enthusiast is happy with this evolution because his children are monitored by the telematic eye and are therefore made harmless by a remote controller which solves the problem of making them study.

The Neanderthal, however, ignores that surveillance is a direct attack on Consciousness, because it is conditioning, a denial of freedom. The Neanderthal is unaware that their children will become automatons with a unique thought, compared to which the word conformism will seem like the greatest euphemism in human history. In fact, if online teaching becomes the rule we will have cookie-cutter beings, because they will all come from the same matrix. Therefore the communication will be the same, the facial expressions will all be the same, the way of speaking and breathing will be the same, the gestures will be repetitive and always the same, this is because a screen is a limited one-dimensional surface, where even communication is limited. Which means that when people see each other face to face, that is, in person, they will be terrified of physical confrontation, of seeing themselves reflected in an image that is not reflected by a screen but is a multidimensional mirror. The result is that we will create a generation of mentally and physically disabled people who will be terrified of meeting each other.
So the question is: how can the herd be enthusiastic while running towards the slaughterhouse?

The answer is that since this civilization has lived for tens of thousands of years under a regime of slavery in the most disparate forms, a sort of enlarged Stockholm syndrome has developed in man, thanks to which man not only does not complain about own state of slavery but also began to love their slavers. Being a slave is therefore such a natural condition for the biped of this planet that without submitting to someone’s yoke and in a condition of total freedom, the human being would not know what to do and would panic.

Yet it doesn’t take much to understand that human relationships cannot be replaced by an image on a screen. In interaction between humans, communication is made up of a non-verbal part which, according to Albert Mehrabian, Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, is 93%. I repeat: the non-verbal component constitutes 93% of a dialogue between human beings. Do you understand now why I talk about Neanderthals, Boeotians and flocks running towards the slaughterhouse?

It can easily be understood that if official science continues to deny the role of Consciousness, we as a civilization will not be able to make any progress in terms of technological evolution because it would be like trying to build a ship by denying the existence of water.

As Deepak Chopra said:Consciousness is fundamental and causeless. It is the basis of existence. As conscious beings, humans cannot experience, measure, or conceive of a reality emptied of Consciousness.”

Because one thing is certain: if we don’t put Consciousness at the center of all scientific research we will remain where we are stuck now: in the darkness. If this is the situation, why does official science still deny the very existence of Consciousness and its crucial role in technological evolution?

One of the reasons that come to mind for perpetuating the denial of Consciousness as the ontological basis of the Multiverse or of Quantum Physics as a mechanics for understanding the relationship between Consciousness and energy or Consciousness and matter is due to the fact that if one delves into the study of Consciousness and of Quantum it turns out that the entire Multiverse is composed of energy, that everything is energy and that even matter is energy with a higher level of density.

The direct consequences of this reasoning is that if energy is everywhere in the Multiverse, why can’t we use this energy? And in fact it is this 600 trillion dollar question that has put a brake on research into Quantum Physics and Consciousness by mainstream science. If official science had been free from the yoke of oil multinationals, by now all the inhabitants of this planet would have been able to enjoy free energy thanks to the Quantum Vacuum or empty space energy or zero point energy. When Nikla Tesla explained to his financier, banker J.P. Morgan, in 1903, that he was able to build an apparatus that could produce free energy for all the inhabitants of planet earth, the banker was not impressed by this discovery: “The problem is that if this stuff is free I won’t do anything with it and you won’t be able to do anything with it either because no one wants energy to be free”. Therefore, if this planet is still in a primitive condition on an energetic level, we owe it to the banker J.P. Morgan and subsequently to all those representatives of industry and finance who, like him, believe that energy should not be free but must be paid for.

In this regard, on June 12, 2023, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C, a series of two-day meetings dedicated to life in the Multiverse and zero-point energy was held. The meetings were organized by the Disclosure Project, a non-governmental organization founded by Dr. Steven Greer, which since 2001 has brought together more than 1000 witnesses including former soldiers and members of US Intelligence who have worked in the context of the so-called “black projects “, completely illegal military research projects, as they are not supervised by the government. The Disclosure Project was the first organization in the world to officially ask the US government to end the secrecy regime regarding the existence of other civilizations in the universe, the existence of zero point energy and to promote the vision of the quantum universe according to which is the conscience to be the center and the creative matrix of the whole.

The meetings ended with the screening of the film “The Lost Century”, a documentary dedicated to these hundred years that have just passed, during which humanity had to renounce its technological, spiritual, political and social evolution because the global military industrial complex it has in fact hidden and therefore prevented the development and diffusion of zero-point energy.

Another possible material reason for the denial of Consciousness as the engine of the Universe could be the weapons industry, because obviously in a world centered on Consciousness weapons do not find much application. “Stephen Hawking wrote in an editorial published in the Independent in 2014 that “With the development of artificial intelligence the military is considering weapons systems that can choose and eliminate targets autonomously.” With this statement Hawking implicitly admits the possibility that artificial intelligence may have its own will and decision-making autonomy, which is impossible for the reasons we explained at the beginning.

So why do scientists and billionaires insist on these wacky and baseless theories?

Here is the answer:
Unfortunately for Mr. Hawking, if you start developing conscious technology it is essential to be on the side of Consciousness. Which means that the entire prerequisite for the development, application and purpose of the project must be respectful of the essence of Consciousness which is life. Which means that living and therefore conscious material cannot be used to pursue an objective that is contrary to the principle of life. For example, if you build a weapon that is conscious, that weapon will never fire for reasons that are wrong or that go against Consciousness and therefore against life. And that’s why this technology finds such strong resistance on this planet. In fact, our civilization still stands out today for being of a psychopathic nature: wars and killings in this temporal dimension are considered ordinary administration and our governments exercise their power by maintaining a permanent state of fear and terror which are the exact opposite of a civilization based on Consciousness and therefore on the principle of Life.

Can you imagine industries on this planet developing technology that has no military applications and leading ineluctably to universal peace? Can you imagine the military industrial complex developing a technology that has the prerequisite of excluding the possibility of unjustly killing or harming?

Or even worse, a technology capable of instantly vaporizing any human fear?
All this is not possible. Not in this dimension.

Fear is the main tool of control used by the elite that reigns on this planet. If fear vanished, panic would break out among members of the establishment and stock markets around the world would collapse instantly. In light of these considerations, this aversion to Consciousness makes complete sense and is also consistent with the pursuit of nonsense like artificial intelligence.

This is because thanks to artificial intelligence we could offload our responsibilities for the malfunctioning of machines or relegate the authority to decide for us to them.
In fact, in recent years we have read about dystopian scenarios that warn us of the possible dangers deriving from artificial intelligence: from the loss of jobs to the revolt of the machines, up to the slavery of humanity, which is always associated with the theme of the technological future. The assumption of this reasoning on the danger of intelligent machines seems to be that there is no thinking being who can control their development or supervise their activity. And it is precisely this false psychological assumption that is the basis of all this manipulation and this assumption is the impotence of man compared to the will and power of the machine. In practice the assumption is that man is a powerless being in front of the machine and this is a real blasphemy because man, as demonstrated by quantum physics, is the creator of the universe. Do you understand why the role of Consciousness is totally denied? Because Consciousness represents eternal freedom, liberation from the chains of slavery of the mind and death. The mind and death are instead the only places where those who direct this circus would like to relegate man in order to subjugate him.
In this regard, it is interesting to note that those who warn us of the dangers of artificial intelligence are the same people who are working on its development, starting with Elon Musk. So the thing is rather strange, because it is the same sponsors of the Artificial Intelligence project who warn us of the possible risks linked to the development of this research.
In truth, this psychological terrorism has a meaning and how. As with other threats already perpetrated in the past by this technocratic-financial regime, the threat always brings with it the solution. For example, when the threat was terrorism, the solution was military intervention, when the threat was the pandemic the solution was the vaccine and now that the threat is Artificial Intelligence, the solution has Neuralink, the company Elon Musk producing microchips implantable in the human brain.

In fact, the message that these people want to convey is that human beings are threatened by artificial intelligence, which can take away their jobs, start a war, etc. In order to be able to “compete” with AI, the human being must be equipped with a microchip installed in the brain, so that it becomes machine enough to be able to compete with the machine. More denial of Consciousness than this…
I don’t know if you realize the level of nonsense these people tell you, but a machine can never be as intelligent as a monkey, because a machine does not have a neurological system capable of coordinating its reactions in response to sensory stimuli. And even if this were possible, there would always and only be one algorithm at the base and an algorithm cannot escape the scope of imitation. What does this mean? That at most a machine can emulate human intelligence or at most mimic it but the bipedal enthusiast of technology doesn’t know this.

Therefore this threat from artificial intelligence is not only false but constitutes a dangerous scam because on the basis of this falsehood they will push (as happened with the false pandemic) millions if not billions of people to have a microchip installed in their brains. Therefore the real threat is not artificial intelligence itself which is anti-intelligent by definition, the real threat is those who want you to believe that this threat exists. A film already seen but terrestrial bipeds don’t seem to learn from their mistakes.
The cover-up about Consciousness Technology is so great that these people are using every means to misinform the public on this topic.

I just found this article published by none other than the World Economic Forum, whose title is “What is Conscious Technology?”. However, if you read the article after two lines you redirect the discussion on artificial intelligence and the omnipresent danger represented by its development because cyborgs could turn against us, etc. In short, a series of warnings that only serve to misinform the reader and which undermine the reputation of an organization like the WEF.

On the other hand I found someone who really understood what Consciousness Technology is and I’m talking about Dr. Rachel Armstrong, who talks about “Living Architecture” and “Living Spaceships” and this is exactly what I mean when I’m talking about Technology of Consciousness. In any case, here we are not interested in the reasons why official science refuses to open up to the technology of Consciousness, this article has the sole purpose of making the reader understand that artificial intelligence is a pseudo-scientific scam, which it only serves to stop any attempt to bring us any closer to developing any technology that has Consciousness as its premise.

It may seem paradoxical but the scheme is working great, if you consider that official science has been able to relegate Quantum Physics to a rank of studies of minor importance and has also been able to stop the state of evolution of physics in 1803. We’re talking 200 years ago! To succeed in such an operation, either you are Houdini or you have an audience of narcoleptics.
Official science can rest assured that it can make us believe that artificial intelligence is the future because for two hundred years it has blocked the technological evolution of an entire planet. And in any case the advantage of Conscious Technology is that being the only way to true Evolution, sooner or later we will be forced to study and develop it. In that time that is getting ever closer, no one will remember people like Elon Musk anymore because we will finally be evolved and above all free human beings.

Gianluca D’Agostino



19 June 2019

Corporate Storytelling: How Businesses turn into Storytelling machines

EN Business Narratives, Corporate Storytelling….what’s this all about?

The Coca Cola Company website has become a storytelling factory.

“The most outrageous way to share a coke” is the headline of a number of videos posted by Coke consumers who engage with the concept of sharing.

Coca Cola leads the way in the world’s Corporate communication and shows the market main trend.


In today’s world, citizenship moved, where everyday we meet with our friends as we do at the coffee shop or at the pub, we do make new acquaintances and we work jobs, so it’s a sort of life-double.

In this new world, business has transformed itself into a narrative machine. Why? Because the main activity that people do in this new world is basically READING. We enjoy this new life by reading everything, anything and all the time, as that’s the new world’s form. It’s a world made of images and words and the best way to organize a world of images and words is to rely upon the most perfect organization scheme we know about storytelling: the Hollywood Narrative Formula.

I would start from the very beginning, with a famous statement: “The hero is the Story”.

That’s Robert Mckee’s legendary statement. McKee can probably be defined as the King of Hollywood Storytelling Formula, he’s been even portrayed (by himself) in Adaptation (2002) a Hollywood movie where the protagonist (Nicolas Cage) struggles with himself while trying to write a script so he splits into an improbable double who slowly gains self confidence and he actually manages to steal his double life.
Obviously this whole situation drives the hero crazy.



And the absolute masters of this formula are Robert McKee, Syd Field, Chris Vogler, Lew Hunter, (which wrote the foreword of my book) then we have John Truby and Luigi Forlai. All these people are Storytelling theorists who made their own fortune by holding seminars around the world and publishing books on how to write great stories both for movies than for books.

Who would ever thought that in the new virtual world, businesses had to rely on storytellers to organize their marketing? Simply Ridiculous! However that’s the way it works today and I am absolutely happy about that because that’s the field on which I invested my whole post-graduate education, in particular my Theory of Communication Ph.D.

Although let’s see in what form this new world relies upon storytelling and its formula. Well the fact is that as I have said before, in this new world made of images and words, the best way to organize communication is to write a story which is able to identify the reader through an “audience identification process”. And what’s an audience identification process? Well an AIP is a narrative system through which the narrative or you can call it the story is able to catch the reader’s interest through the creation of an empathy’s feeling in the reader (or the viewer if the story rolls in a video format).


How do you create an empathy feeling into the reader/viewer? Well that’s the $1 million question!

However I can tell you that empathy can be developed into the reader’s mind by constructing a series of events and actions that unveil two narratives levels: one is conscious and another is unconscious. These two narrative levels are able to involve the viewer into the story in a way in which he can identify himself into the hero’s main problem and goal.

This is the core of the narrative system.How this can be translated into Business Narratives? Well that depends upon the storyteller’s talent. In any case, you have to understand in today’s media, time is key and we need short stories, that are however able to develop empathy.

Pick up Coca Cola’s biggest competitor: Pepsi! They are doing exactly the same thing. If you want an example about creating empathy with short stories, you can take a look at the first episode of X Factor USA 20012 – The Auctions. You will watch many short stories that are totally able to create empathy in the viewer really within a short time.

It’s Storytelling time for Business, it’s Corporate Storytelling, it’s Business Narratives!